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Casio watches have made history. Some models have in fact become true symbols of an era and style icons, so much so that they have recently been revisited and revisited for nostalgic admirers of vintage fashion.


Around the 1980s, the Casio family experienced a moment of absolute splendor: no one left home without wearing a watch from the Japanese company that created innovative models for the time.


Many people use them in various contexts: if they were once considered simple watches for leisure, today the Casio are a real must in today's society.



Its reputation as an indestructible watch is widely deserved, it was 1983 when the first G-SHOCK made its appearance, represented by a concept that left everyone speechless, especially those who were used to very different ways to see what time it was. .

Modern design, innovative technology and maximum resistance: these were the goals that the creators of this extraordinary watch had set for themselves. Perfectly centered objectives that still determine the success of the G-SHOCK today.


Surely the G-Shock series is the one that made history as far as Casio watches are concerned but the EDIFICE, Sea Pathfinder and PRO-TREK collections are characterized by being excellent due to different functions. These also guarantee some functions that only the Japanese company has always managed to ensure.


  • 1946 and in these years it is one of the giants of technology that products that vary.
  • 1970, the company's first real worldwide success with the launch of the historic Casiotron: it is the first wristwatch with a digital dial that has truly revolutionized the way of reading the time and of “wearing it” on the wrist.
  • 1980 launches the first combined analog-digital watch. Databank watches follow, according to some early ancestors of modern smartphones and smart watches as they allowed to record numbers and codes.
  • 1983 the G-SHOCK, or truly indestructible wristwatch, is launched, still among the best sellers thanks to the high quality and the vast choice of models.
  • 1989 the first solar-powered watch model is marketed. No more batteries to replace (and dispose of), the energy is obtained from a tiny panel on the dial thanks to the research and development of innovative solutions that does not stop
  • 1991 Casio designs the new Databank and creates the first watch with an interactive pressure dial to access the agenda functions: it is basically the first touch screen in history.
  • 1998 comes the Pro-Trek, a wristwatch with brand new functions very useful to hiking and climbing enthusiasts and professionals, such as compass, barometer and altimeter.
  • 2000 Casio launches Wrist Camera, the first watch with an integrated digital camera. Extremely reliable, technological and light, it is a real jewel.
  • The history of Casio watches is a succession of great successes that have rightly made the Japanese company one of the best known in the world.


The WSD-F30 is equipped with the extended mode that allows you to use the watch's offline color maps and GPS for up to three days on a single charge. The new color display with OLED technology displays maps and data in significantly better resolution. The monochrome display screen allows you to view, in addition to the time, also the atmospheric pressure, the altitude and the bearing with the compass (optional).




the MR-G series, premium collection of its indestructible watch brand G-SHOCK. MRG-G2000GA is inspired by the traditional Japanese sword, characterized by a combination of the immutable strength and the aesthetic sensibility of Japan. The model was hand finished by a master craftsman in the renowned Gassan style of Japanese swordsmen and was produced in a limited edition of only 300 pieces worldwide.

The finish of the MRG-G2000GA demonstrates a particular attention to detail. The case is made of recrystallized titanium whose sparkling effect is reminiscent of the formation of tempering line crystals on the blade of Japanese swords. The AIP® (Arc Ion Plating) * 1 cover is applied in the Koki-murasaki shade (dark purple), a color that in Japan is historically associated with nobility. The bezel is in COBARION® * 2 and beveled on the model of the tip of the Japanese sword blade


The MUDMASTER is part of the 'Master of G' series created to withstand the most extreme conditions and is equipped with a structure resistant to dust and mud.


The MUDMASTER series has been designed for use in the harshest environments and the new GG-B100 features a new Carbon Core Guard Structure which uses carbon fiber reinforced materials in the case.

The GG-B100 has the necessary functionalities for outdoor activities, which can be used by connecting the sensors to a dedicated app. The watch is equipped with a quad sensor: the four sensors determine the cardinal points with the compass, measure atmospheric pressure / altitude and temperature, while the accelerometer counts steps. In addition to tracking changes in the natural environment, the watch can be connected to the dedicated app to easily collect activity history data


the GRAVITYMASTER series, part of the G-SHOCK shockproof watch collection that develops models based on the concept of aviation. The base model GWR-B1000 features a monocoque carbon case that seamlessly integrates the case and caseback. The result is a very durable watch, but lighter than previous models in the GRAVITYMASTER series.


The new GWR-B1000X, like its base model, features the new impact-resistant Carbon Core Guard Structure, but being a limited edition model it is enriched with red details typical of G-SHOCK colors. The GWR-B1000X is also equipped with TRIPLE G RESIST technology which guarantees resistance to shocks, centrifugal force and vibrations; all external metal parts are made of stainless titanium.



Style meets functionality: the G-STEEL collection combines excellent materials and the reliable technology of the already known and loved G-SHOCK models. The "multilayered" design gives these watches a fascinating depth and presence. This technique involves the layered arrangement of two extremely sturdy materials such as resin and stainless steel, which makes the very high quality of the watches perceptible to the eye, making them very resistant at the same time.


Since the release of the DW-5000C, the first G-SHOCK launched in 1983, the 5000 series has remained faithful to the square, iconic and representative case of the very first G-SHOCK, identified by all as the symbol of the Brand.


The new GMW-B5000 inherits the design of the first G-SHOCK, but has innovative aspects: from the use of materials, to construction, up to the technical characteristics.

The main components of the watch, including the bracelet, case and bezel, are made entirely of stainless steel. The watch is also equipped with a new shockproof construction, which makes it even more shock resistant thanks to the use of an extremely resistant resin inserted between the steel case and the bezel.


Casio Edifice watches are a perfect compromise between sportiness, functionality and elegance. They are characterized by the use of particularly innovative materials and technologies and have a refined style compared to the other series and collections.
Several models are made of steel, have chronographs, are excellent for diving and trekking. There are countless functions that can be reached simply from the clock face, many Edifice models have Bluetooth 4.0 to interface with Android and iOS smartphones and are complete with Smart Access, Compass, Barometer, altimeter, time zone, alarm clock.



Casio is a world leader in the field of liquid crystal digital watches. Based on the characteristics, Casio watches are divided into series and the most famous are the G-Shock series, characterized by a high capacity of resistance to mechanical stress and electrical discharges.


Initially, the fundamental concept behind the development of the timepieces of the G-Shock collection was the Triple 10, i.e. the battery had to last ten years, the water resistance had to be ten bars (now twenty), and the resistance to falling had to be guaranteed for at least ten meters.

This model, in addition to maintaining an almost identical line, has evolved and some functions have been added compared to the previous series: the function of charging with solar energy and the radio control that always guarantees the correct time, the bluetooth with link connected to the app Casio, as in the G-SQUAD series, are just some of these features.

Initially designed for a niche of the new generations, the acceptance in street culture was really wide, which managed to break the rules and patterns by breaking away from classic stereotypes.


Casio has maintained the same style and design from 1957 to today, thanks above all to the "boom" of watches that have always been at the forefront of the digital watch revolution.

Simplicity and utility: this is the strong point of vintage Casio watches. In fact, its only functions are (in addition to indicating the time) the alarm clock, the light and the stopwatch.


Casio wristwatches in addition to having marked an era have also been an object of desire for many of us, noting that despite many years have passed since their release, still today they are still very popular even among the new generations, truly bringing the Japanese watch manufacturer among the big names in world watchmaking.

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