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Bulova has always had a place in history since its foundation in 1875 and still today, in balance between the United States of America and Switzerland, it is a very prestigious watch brand

Bulova has always proposed itself with two distinct brands: Bulova Accutron, Swiss and exclusively mechanical, and Bulova, with a technological and cosmopolitan spirit, which presents the best of current electronics. Both respond to a basic philosophy that exclusively claims excellence in each specific representative sector.



One of the greatest successes in the entire history of watchmaking: Bulova Accutron and its slogan “The clock of the Space Age”, in its characteristic squelette aspect that reveals tuning forks and electronic circuits in concomitance and harmony with the mechanical parts. A true status symbol, in a magical combination that is still unrepeatable today

The Accutron caliber by Bulova, a technological prodigy of the 60s with a level of micromechanics and electronics to the soy of science fiction for the times, which still amazes today for precision and for the particular and apparent continuity of the seconds sphere that clicks more than 320 times per second.


  • In 1919 Bulova launched the first complete line of ruby ​​wristwatches for men
  • In 1926, its president basically invented what we know today as "the time signal".
  • In 1931, the first electric clocks were invented by Bulova and are still on display in train stations across the United States
  • On July 1, 1941, Bulova transformed world marketing with the very first television commercial during an "America Runs On Bulova Time" game. Price: $ 9.
  • In 1958, well before the Accutron technology was commercialized and standardized, it was considered by NASA, which deemed it suitable for inclusion in the space project, starting with the Satellite Vanguard 1, launched into orbit in that year.
  • In 1967, now synonymous with technological avant-garde and precision, Bulova Accutron was adopted by Air Force One, the aircraft of the President of the United States, confirming the high symbolic and concrete value attributed to the brand. Accutron or ACCU-TRON stands for "Accuracy through Electronics".
  • Accutron Watch 2021: In 2020, sixty years after the first ever Bulova Accutron launch, the Accutron watch debuted as a standalone brand, thus separating itself from Bulova while maintaining a premium positioning in the Citizen Group.
  • The 2021 Accutron introduced innovative electrostatic technology in watchmaking, the development of which took ten years and requires advanced manufacturing processes.


It has been reissued in limited editions of 666 numbered copies by the Oceangrapher, wrm200 (or 666 feet) , with automatic movement caliber SW220-1AIG5 and unidirectional two-tone bezel (white / black or black / red), inspired by the Devil Diver of the early years' 70.




From the incredible course of Bulova's history, Precisionist was born, the most accurate quartz watch in the world, thanks to the reinterpretation of the traditional tuning fork shape of quartz. BULOVA patent which has a frequency of 262 Hz and a second hand that does not jump like in normal quartz. Precisionist shows the great capacity for technological evolution of this brand, whose technicians have studied a three-arm quartz, capable of oscillating in a torsional way, multiplying the frequency and drastically reducing the dangers of frequency offset.


In 2016 the first Curv collection was born, the first curved quartz chronograph movement patented by Bulova, with a frequency of 262 kHz.
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At Baselworld 2018 Bulova presented the new Progressive sport Curv with a supple bracelet that, with other novelties, also completes a time-only Curv and two total black Curv Couture versions embellished with diamonds.


The history of this collection dates back to the 60s but the Bulova Moon Watch became famous in 1971, when during the Apollo 15 mission, astronaut Dave Scott landed on the moon with the bulova watch on his wrist. This chronograph was designed to land on the moon and withstand lunar conditions.


In 2016, Bulova presented a re-edition of the Lunar Pilot, better known as the Bulova Moonwatch in references 96B251, 96B258 and 98a186.

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Accutron Astronaut Limited Edition, a splendid men's watch collection produced in 2007 by BULOVA to pay homage to the original Bulova Astronaut model from the 1960s. Swiss movement, stainless steel, automatic, skeleton rotor and GMT movement, 21 jewels, beveled crystal with raised sapphire, water resistant to 100 meters,. The caseback of this series is numbered and engraved with a Buzz Aldrin signature.


The first Accutron model, called the Spaceview 214 features its famous open dial showing the high-tech movement , also deviating from the traditional watch design with the lack of shank and crown on the side of the watch positioned on the back of the case. Since then, the Accutron has been the cornerstone of Bulova's portfolio.

Bulova-Accutron-Spaceview-214-Limited -Edition.jpg

In 2010, its 50th anniversary, Bulova released a limited edition replica of the Spaceview with a modern movement. The new Bulova Precisionist technology is able to make the quartz oscillate at a frequency 8 times higher than that of a traditional electronic watch.


To celebrate 130 years of excellence and celebrate the continuous development of Bulova International , the decision was made to propose a new generation symbol of Bulova's tireless commitment, a perfect expression of its tradition:


A uniformly curved and carefully chiseled case, perfectly stylized indexes and an elegant decorated dial, L'Ambassador embodies the noblest traditions of design. At the same time, the extraordinary automatic movement with rubies and power reserve, visible through the porthole of the caseback, demonstrates the company's tenacious commitment to the most sophisticated technologies, a commitment that earned Bulova the coveted certification issued by the Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres. In pink gold with an elegant alligator strap, 18-karat gold buckle and sapphire crystal on the front and back, it is available in a limited number of 130 numbered pieces, destined for style lovers all over the world.



The Bulova Sea King watch collection takes up a series of marine-themed Bulova watches produced over half a century ago. They are "professional" dive watches from Bulova, with an ISO 6425 rating and resistant to deep water of 300 meters or more. While most other Bulova Sea King watches contain Bulova Accutron II UHF quartz movements (ultra-high precision and wide second hands), this limited edition Bulova Sea King 96B226 contains an automatic mechanical movement.


The Regulator has been a classic of watchmaking since the dawn of time, and consists in indicating the time through two separate squares for hours and minutes respectively.

The name derives from the fact that they were often used by watchmakers or other professionals who needed to check the time, and therefore relied on particularly precise and accurate tools.


Bulova, always sensitive to the charm of Author's Watchmaking, created its own Regulator in 2006, starting its 131st year of its foundation, and did so with the 63F80 model, in a very limited and numbered series of only 399 pieces.

The movement is a Dubois-Depraz, used - as well as by Bulova - also by other houses, such as Hublot or Baume & Mercier. The base is an ETA 2892 / A2, reworked by the Friborg manufacture with the addition of the regulator module called DD 14070 Régulateur.

Each of the 399 Bulova 63F80 products has in fact obtained the COSC certification, highly coveted in the technical field.


The world's first automatic watch that gives you the power to fine-tune its accuracy, the Bulova Accutron Calibrator, with our proprietary EFAS external fine adjustment system, allows you to check the accuracy of your mechanical watch simply and without the need of a technician. The result?


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The finest Swiss craftsmanship, customized to offer 99.99% average accuracy. In stainless steel with automatic movement, each offers an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, a four-screw caseback, calendar, retrograde regulator dial and foreign key, deployable buckle and water resistance to 50 meters.



The Marine Star Collection includes watches with a diver look with the charm and elegance that distinguish the Bulova brand . Design and materials in steel the same, only the colors change; quartz movement with 6 hands, underwater up to 100 meters, screw back, 45 mm case.

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the Gemini collection takes its name from NASA's pioneering space program, which paved the way for the Apollo mission to the moon. The Gemini GMT, on the other hand, is characterized by the reinterpretation of the classic dial in a more modern key. Dynamic and refined models thanks to the use of elegant patterns, applied numbers and colored accents, all with dual time zones to always guarantee maximum punctuality.


Some of these models feature the prestigious ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement


Fusion of aesthetics and modern design with deep roots in the art of craftsmanship. The Rubaiyat collection masterfully articulates and celebrates femininity.



Beautiful and precious, but equally shiny, the Bulova Lady Crystal women's watches with Swarovski crystals applied manually on mother-of-pearl dials to form a moving crescent, very reminiscent of the precious Chopard.


As for the men's line, common in all the CLASSIC Collections there is the analogue quartz movement, except for the Automatics model with automatic mechanical movement, and the Dress Precisionist 4 Counters model which mounts the homonymous and historic Precisionist, chrono


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